The Finest Hour team have been queuing up some good disco tracks in the office since we watched DJ’s Skream and Artwork master another fine disco set at Glastonbury’s Beat Hotel stage, and it’s cool to be able to add some 70’s appreciation to our own channel!

For the fifth edition of FH Mixtapes, we invited Nu Disco man Miami Slice to mix us up a little something from his decks over in the Big Apple.

The result is a funky marriage of old school disco and synth sounds with feel good house vocals, superior easy listening. Follow our Soundcloud stream to download the soundtrack to your day - free!

<3 <3 <3



Club Nintendo’s platinum/gold prizes are game downloads ⊟

Yeah, this year’s Elite gifts from North American Club Nintendo are not exclusive physical goods like they were in previous years – Mario hats, figurines, etc. They’re not even the old standby calendar. 

Instead, this year you can select one of 16 Wii U or 3DS games as a free download, ranging from full retail games (like Game & Wario) to fucking Ice Climber.

Club Nintendo has gone down while I was writing this post, but you can get the reward here when it comes back up. Though I like my Club Nintendo Mario hat and all, I’m not hating on a free copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.


I don’t know how I feel about this. I need time to process.