Erin Barra Launches New EP “Undefined” For You To Redefine On Blend



Erin Barra is an electronic musician, artist, writer, producer, educator and tech-forward-woman-in-audio. She is the creator and instructor of BeatsByGirlz, an educational recording arts and music technology program designed to empower young women. She’s also accustomed to remotely producing and co-writing songs for artists around the country and globally, using Dropbox, Google Docs and Hangouts while in her own studio in Brooklyn.

Undefined, two years in the making, is one of many projects Erin Barra has incubated, assembled and launched over the past year. It’s always been difficult to put Erin in one specific box, so she has chosen to exist in as many as she likes and think outside of them. In the spirit of this, she’s giving you the opportunity to pull the hi-fi stems from her entire EP via Blend and Redefine them.

Starting April 14, you’ll have 3 weeks to submit remixes for a companion remix EP, Redefined. The best remixes of all 5 songs (and even mashups) will be chosen and then released commercially at the same time as the EP on June 3rd.

Listen to the music, pick the songs that speak to you, make them your own and share them with the world.

Pull your favorite from Erin’s profile, remix it with Ableton Live or your software of choice, and publish your update for a chance to be featured on Redefined.

Looking for inspiration? Hear this remix from producer Kaelin Ellis:

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To find out more about Erin visit, follow her @erinbarra and like her on Facebook. Purchase “Dear John” today on iTunes.